Standards and definitions

The main outputs of the RRDG are listed below. Most are standards, definitions and classifications relating to domain name analysis. Registries and Registrars are are encouraged adopt the standards in their business operations and data analysis. If you have questions, suggestions or comments, please contact us or get involved. All of the standards, definitions and classifications listed below are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Domain registration terminology
Project completed: April 2019

A list of the common terms and definitions used in domain registrations analysis. The aim is that registries and registrars could use these terms when reporting their registration activity internally or externally. It is also helpful for external organisations to be able to better compare TLD metrics if they use these standard terms.

Domain Industry Taxonomy (DIT)
Project completed: Nov 2017

The Domain Industry Taxonomy (DIT), is designed to be meaningful classification of industry to which domain names could be attributed. It can be used to help classify domains as part of domain crawler technology

Registrar business models
Project completed: Sep 2017

List of 7 of the most common registrar business models. The list is aimed at helping registries and registrars benchmark statistics by grouping registrars by their business model.