What is the RDN?

The Registry Data Nerds (RDN) are a separate, more technically focused group to the RRDG. Originally a focus group was formed by the RRDG to investigate website crawling and domain industry categorisation but it soon became apparent that that there were many more areas that such a group could collaborate on, and the RDN was born. Made up of technical experts and data scientists they use cutting edge big data technologies and machine learning algorithms to collaborate on initiatives such as:

  • Domain crawlers and the standardisation of the algorithms used
  • Domain categorisation and the tools used
  • Domain parking detection
  • Cyber security

The RDN have regular calls and meet two to three times a year to discuss work and share new technologies and techniques in the data world.

How does it differ from RRDG?

The RDN is much more technically focussed than the RRDG.

How do I join the RDN?

Due to the amount of sharing of data and techniques the group is limited to European ccTLD registries only. If you qualify and would like to join the group please contact the RRDG and we'll put you in touch with the relevant people.