Who should get involved?

Any Registrar or CENTR Member Registry who is interested in using data to better understand or grow your business. Why? Because having a basis of understanding for data discussions and analysis- a basis built on standardised terms, definitions and metrics- is the key for any wider discussions about data. If everyone starts at a common understanding of the data points themselves, whether your conversations are internal or with external partners, you can then take the next steps to better understand what the data is telling you…

For Registrars - You can help shape the data products and metrics your registries are creating directly. You can communicate directly and give registries feedback as to what you are looking for in data definitions and standards.

For Registries - Gain insight from your peers and help as an industry to establish standards for domain industry data. With registrars directly involved in the group, you can get instant feedback from your channel to all things data.

How much time will it take up?

You can be as much or as little involved as you like. If you just join our quarterly Overview telcos to find out what is currently being worked on and results, it is probably only a few hours a year. Feel free to join our Face-to-Face Meetings, usually timed to coincide with big industry events such as Domainpulse or CENTR Registrar Day. If you would like to get involved in any of the project groups (LINK) that interests you or your organisation, and really help drive a topic from start to finish, it is likely 5-10 hours commitment for a project.

How to get involved

Email: rrdg-support@centrlists.org or use the form below

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